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Light Has Come

music + message for the season of hope

December 5   4pm

in the church

“Light Has Come,” the Advent mission at Christ the King Church, is a presentation of music and inspiration featuring Catholic recording artist Sarah Kroger and noted speaker Dom Quaglia.  Taking place on Sunday, December 5, at 4pm, this special event will help you and your family open your hearts in preparation for the coming birth of Christ.

The young and young at heart will enjoy the music of Sarah Kroger, a contemporary worship leader in the Catholic Church, and will find inspiration in the message from Sarah's husband, Dom Quaglia Jr., who will be sharing his experiences in faith and the Eucharist.


The music and talk will be followed by a period of Eucharistic Adoration,  accompanied with praise and worship music.  As Catholics, we believe the Eucharist is the source and summit of our faith — so this evening will be an opportunity for all of us to Come Let us Adore Him. 


Following the mission everyone is invited for a social in the parish hall.

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About the artists:

Sarah Kroger is a Nashville-based Catholic worship leader and songwriter. She has released four albums, Your Time (2011), Hallelujah is Our Song (2013), Bloom (2019), and her popular fourth album, Light.

    With parents involved in worship ministry, Kroger’s love for music was sparked at a young age but the impact of bullying and her struggle with anxiety and shyness hid her musical gift for years. Everything changed when she met Jesus in an intimate encounter through worship at a youth conference. “Worship became my language with God,” she explains. “It allowed me to communicate with the Lord in a way I hadn’t experienced before; there was something about it that opened my heart.” Realizing that music was a gift she desired to give back to the Lord, Kroger began leading worship at her church and has done worship concerts all around the world.

Dom Quaglia Jr. is a speaker and author serving at parish missions, retreats, conferences, and private events throughout the USA and abroad. His speaking and writing have helped people of all ages lean further into the Gospel and apply it to their lives.  
    When he’s not on the road speaking, he can be found playing music or lying in the sun with his wife, Sarah, and their two iPhones.