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Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, or RCIA, is a program for adults who are interested in becoming Catholic. At Christ the King Church, those who wish to prepare to come into full communion with the Catholic Church participate in a faith formation program to help them understand and experience the teachings and practices of the Church.


Adults who seek to become Catholic go through a series
of steps before being received into the faith. They reflect
on their relationship with Jesus Christ, ask questions, and
learn about our faith.

This time of reflection and discernment culminates with
the Easter Vigil liturgy on Holy Saturday, when the candidates
receive one or more of the sacraments of Baptism,
Confirmation, and Holy Eucharist. Participants are then
fully initiated into the Catholic Church.

As they grow into their faith they continue to reflect on their experiences at the Easter Vigil and continue to learn more about the Scriptures, the Sacraments, and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

They are encouraged to continue this dialogue about their faith and to actively participate in the life of the parish.

If you or your spouse, fiancée, or friend is considering being baptized Catholic — or, if you are already baptized in another denomination and would like to become Catholic, please call for more information.


Adults interested in becoming Catholic are urged to call the pastor at 860-434-1660.   


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