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Christ the King Church depends on the financial support of our parishioners and friends.  The offertory collections during Mass are our main source of income, and help us to address the fixed expenses that we have — payroll, insurance, mortgage, etc., as well as the unexpected ones.


Please prayerfully consider how you can help support our parish.  There are several ways in which you may make your contribution:


  • Offertory  basket — We have not yet returned to a collection during Mass since it was removed during the pandemic.  Instead, we have baskets at the entrances where you may place your cash or check donation.

  • By mail — You may mail your check to 1 McCurdy Road, Old Lyme CT 06371. If you enclose your offertory envelope, it will be counted in your year-end report.


  • By online bill pay — Through your own bank’s online bill pay system, you can designate Christ the King Church to receive funds from your account.This can be a one-time or a recurring payment. They will mail a check to Christ the King Church at 1 McCurdy Road.


  • Through Faith Direct — this online system also allows either a one-time or recurring payment to the parish. (There is a minimal fee if using a bank account debit; if using a credit card, the fees are a little higher. These fees are charged to the parish, not to the donor.)
            NEW! Through Faith Direct, parishioners can now TEXT donations to Christ the King Church!

             Scan the following QR code with your smart phone to get started.  

    Thank you for your continued support!


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